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Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
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by Arezoo on Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
good maths teacher

Dr Emil Zakhary helped my daughter with her year 12 Maths Methods. She found Dr Zakhary a very knowledgable teacher with helpful resources and good study materials. My daughter managed to get a perfect ATAR of 99.95 and a great score in Methods. I would highly recommend Dr. Zakhary to any student wishing to improve in Mathematics.

by Marisa Colli on Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
Marisa Colli

My son has been very pleased with and had a great experience being tutored by Dr Emil Zakhary. He is an excellent Physics tutor whom we found to be very reliable, knowledgeable, professional and helpful.

by Marina Khalil on Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
Marina Khalil

Dr. Emil Zakary has been helping both my daughter and niece in their VCE Maths. Both of them found his teaching style and materials provide both foundations and tricks that schools and teachers skim through. This has helped them in revision and achieving high results in their end of year exams. I strongly recommend Dr. Emil for students that find Math challenging or even if they need extensions on their math skills.

by Jaidyn Lai on Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
Jaidyn Lai

Dr. Emil Zakhary’s service is incomparable. His knowledge and expertise in Mathematics and Physics cannot be rivalled by any other tutors. Not only is he knowledgeable he is able to explain and teach the topics in a way that makes it very understandable and enjoyable. His resources are outstanding including his tailored notes for the current study design. They are very clear and very easy to understand. I achieved an ATAR of 95.05. I would highly recommend Dr. Zakhary’s tutoring services to anyone looking to improve their Mathematics or Physics.

by Mina Youssef on Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
Mina Youssef

Dear Dr. Zakhary, thanks for all your help in year 12 Maths. You helped me achieve high results and I’m very grateful.

by Paul Durairaj on Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
Paul Durairaj

Dear Mr Emil, I am Paul Durairaj, father of happy Danush, your Year12 student. Danush did real well with your tuition teaching of encouragement, competent coaching and timely efforts. Danush is happy with his achievement (an ATAR of 97.30) and your patience in unravelling complex topics boosted his confidence to excel in his Physics which he had earlier found to be daunting.

by Stacy on Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
Stacy ( Nazareth College)

Dr Zakhary is a great tutor! He helped me to understand Maths when I was really struggling. Without his help, I wouldn’t have done as well as I did in VCE. I would strongly recommend him as a Maths tutor.

by John Carlson on Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
John Carlson

Hi Emil thanks for tutoring Chandler for the last 3 years his gone from knowing a little maths at the start to now VCE maths and doing and completing the year with flying colours highly recommend Emil to anyone wishing his help.

by Christopher Klonis on Dr Zakhary's Tutoring Centre
Christopher Klonis

Dr Zakhary was a tremendous help as my physics tutor. He provided me with fantastic resources that were handpicked for topics that I struggled with. These topics were explained elegantly and simply so that I could easily understand them. He clearly cares for his students, showing a great deal of enthusiasm in their academic endeavours. I was able to score a 46 study score for physics, which would not have been possible without the assistance of Dr Zakhary.

Phone: 04 2521 2579
168 Haverbrack Dr,
Mulgrave VIC 3170